What are they?

Verrucae are the result of a virus entering the top levels of your skin.  Sneaky as where they 'grow' remains in the level of the skin your body is unaware of its presence.  

How can I get rid of them?

Well any treatment you buy over the counter or your Podiatrist uses will be looking to cause a reaction.  A reaction from your bodies immune response.  By causing a local burn using acids or freezing or heat your causing damage.  In turn your body will then act on that damage and hopefully build an immunity to the virus it then finds.  Clever however requires you to have a good immunity and good health.  


Here at Fit Feet Podiatry we currently offer acid therapy.  This requires commitment from yourself and we will review the effect positive or negative and honestly advise to continue or not.  Usually painfree and suitable for children and adults. 

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