Initial Assessment

All new patients require an initial assessment. The Podiatrist will assess your presenting foot condition and concerns.  An up to date medical history including all current medication is necessary for an accurate assessment.  After discussion we will form a treatment plan and gain your consent before starting any treatment. During this visit you will receive podiatry treatment.  



Foot care for nails and skin

Regular treatment sometimes is all you need to keep feet healthy and maintain your mobility and fitness.  Podiatrists treat callus (hard skin), corns, thickened/fungal nails (see Fungal Nails), cracked heels, and skin conditions, to name a few.  This appointment will allow the Podiatrist to treat the presenting complaint but also try and find what is the underlying cause of your pain.  Where possible alleviating the cause will reduce the likelihood of recurrence significantly.  


Biomechanical Assessment

Many foot and leg pains are a result of an underlying mechanical cause.  The Podiatrist will analyse your foot/lower limb function in stance and during walking (gait).  By looking at the whole lower limb and not just the foot it highlights areas of muscle imbalance that may be causing foot/leg strain.  This may require a rehabilitation programme to strengthen certain muscles or perhaps insoles/orthotics.  Orthotics can be used as a temporary basis to get you through a current painful spell by offloading the overloaded muscle or tendon allowing it to rest and heal.



Insoles/Orthotics range from £50 to £200

Video Consultations

Many initial consultations can be done via a video consultation before we may have to meet in the clinic, or to avoid face to face contact during this difficult time.  Self care advice will be disseminated and a treatment plan offered to get you back on your feet and moving.  Many mechanical issues eg. plantar fasciitis/heel pain, knee pain can all be done remotely and a great starting point. 


An initial assessment is necessary to check you are a suitable candidate for this treatment option.  This method involves the Podiatrist creating micro holes in the nail plate.  This will allow anti-fungal medication to access the point of infection, which is actually within the nail bed.  You are then required to apply the same medication daily at home for a six week period.  The Podiatrist will review every six weeks over a period of 6 months to assess the status of your new nail growth and compliance. 


Five Minute Fungal Nail Test

Five minute test to determine if you have fungal elements within your nail 


Diabetic Foot Assessment

Pulses will be checked using a hand held doppler to physically hear your arterial health. Also using a pressure cuff your ABPI is monitored (additional circulation test).  Sensation will be tested using various calibrated measuring devices and this will be noted and checked at subsequent visit, to highlight any changes over time. The Podiatrist can then advise you on how to avoid complications and provide treatment if necessary.   You will be provided with a written over view of the results and an additional copy will be set to your GP.  


Ingrown Nails - Nail Surgery

Nails become ingrown for various reasons, in particular due to poor self care and trauma (sharp knock or repetitive pressure).  This is a painful condition that can be sorted effectively with clinical treatment or perhaps a nail procedure to remove the problematic nail permanently. 

An initial half hour appointment should be arranged to assess and advise you on what is your best plan of action taking into consideration any personal requests. 


Initial assessment £45

Nail Surgery from 300


Verrucae are stubborn!  They develop from a virus and can go unnoticed by your immune system.  If they are painful, getting larger or spreading come and see our Podiatrist for treatment.  Treatment options include using acid therapy or in some instances needling.  Needling requires a local anaesthesia and therefore you would need assessing before the Podiatrist undertook this treatment.  Book an appointment to discuss options available for you.

Follow Up Appointments from 33.00

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