Ingrown Toe Nail – Don’t put up with pain, we can help

Diagram showing the anatomy of an ingrown toenailIngrowing toe nails can be very painful but you do not need to suffer  Many people will self care as they are sure they can remove a small bit of nail and move on. However on many occasions this is not possible, but we all want a quick solution. Well we have the answer and it can be a quick and a long term solution!

Treatment for this condition will depend upon the amount of nail that is ingrowing as you present to us in clinic. The earlier the better so try to make an appointment before it gets worse. However we can treat any stage of ingrown nails so don't despair.

An uninfected ingrown toenail

Presentations similar to this show no signs of infection and can be managed in one treatment using gentle removal of he nail spicule. IF you feel pain we can arrange the use of a topical anesthesia or in some cases introduce a local anesthesia. This treatment is straight forward and we will show you good nail techniques to avoid another ingrown toe nail.

An infected ingrown toenail

Nails which show signs of infections may require some antibiotic use before we can utilise a local anesthesia. We can advise each individual depending on your presentation.


A partially removed toenail

Permanent removal of part or perhaps all the nail is an excellent long term solution. This does involve the use of local anaesthesia and a procedure to remove the nail and cauterise the nail bed so regrowth does not occur.  A straight forward procedure which is performed in clinic with excellent experienced clinicians.


We understand you're in pain and may not want us near your toe. We will listen and advise accordingly.

Do not put off coming to see us for advice and an understanding professional opinion.

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