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Foot Pain & Heel Pain

A woman performing foot stretches

Are your painful feet stopping you from keeping yourself fit and active?

Don’t put up with any foot pain as we are here to help and offer you a solution.  I assess the cause of your foot pain and create a treatment plan to suit you.  Common conditions like heel pain, mortons neuroma, shin splints, Achilles tendinopathy or stress fractures can be treated.

I utilize a pressure plate to show you high pressure areas within your feet that will help clarify why and where your pain is developing.

Call me now to find further information or book online for your initial consultation.

Initial Consultation/Treatment £55

Diabetic Foot Health

Taking a pulse on someone's foot

You may have been diagnosed with diabetes and told to see a podiatrist – why?

Being diagnosed with Diabetes can be daunting as there is so much information to take on board.  I am here to help you sift through the information and arm you with advice to help keep your feet healthy and avoid complications.

I will go through the diabetic foot assessments and forward a copy of my findings to your GP or Diabetes nurse.

Your ongoing foot care will be discussed and I will advise you on a time scale for routine treatment to help keep you comfortable and free of any foot complications.

Initial Consultation/Assessment £55

Ingrown Toe Nails

An infected ingrown toenail

Have you recently cut your nail and it has become painful or inflamed?

Ingrown toe nails are painful and the sooner you get these seen to the better, but I can help you at any stage.  Various treatments are available and I am trained to administer topical or local anaesthesia to help with any pain you are experiencing.

Treatments can be one off solutions but in some cases removing part or all of the nail is a fantastic long term answer.  Call to discuss this further or book an initial consultation appointment online now.

Initial Consultation/Treatment £55

Nail Surgery/Resolution from £300

Biomechanical Assessments

A screen showing biomechanical assessment results

Have you been advised to have a gait or biomechanical assessment? What is it and how will it help you?

Gait analysis or biomechanical assessment looks at the way you stand, walk or run.  This helps identify any imbalances in your feet and legs that could be causing you pain and discomfort. With 26 bones, 33 joints, and over 100 muscles, the human foot is one of the most complex structures within our body and even small imbalances in the way our foot functions can cause pain and discomfort in our feet.

Conditions this assessment can help include, but are not limited to Bunions, Stress Fractures, Mortons Nueroma, Plantar Fasciitis/Heel Pain, Severs Disease, Knee Pain, Shin Splints, Achilles Tendinopathy, Tibialis Posterior Dysfunction and Back Issues.

Utilising a pressure plate I can visually show you what pressures are within your feet and where this may correlate to your pain.  A great tool to highlight to you.

Biomechanical Assessments from £90

Alison Pettican of Fit Feet Podiatry running a half marathon

I'm here to keep the people of Tonbridge active and healthy

Keeping mobile is vital for your good health.
If you're struggling to stay active, I can help.

Hard Skin & Corns

Hard skin or callus on a foot

Are you embarrassed by hard skin, cracked heels or painful corns?

I can easily solve this problem for you and get you comfortable or achieve feet you're proud to show to your family.  After an initial consultation and a thorough check of your medical history I will offer a full treatment of your presenting condition at this initial appointment.  Creating instant relief and offering you advice on how to maintain good foot health.

Don’t put it off, we can sort it.

After an initial appointment the charge for follow up treatments will be £45.

Fungal Nails & Athletes' Foot

A foot with a discoloured toenail

Are you embarrassed by how your nails look?  Are they thick and discoloured?  Do you have itchy feet?

Nothing will shock me - I have seen many different foot presentations so please do not put off coming to see me.

Fungal nails can be treated and I have options available depending on your presentation.  Don’t put off seeing someone because you are embarrassed.

Initial Consultation/Treatment £55

Ongoing treatment from £45

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I'll Get You Back On Your Feet

Keeping mobile is vital for your good health.
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