Heel pain

Heel pain can be debiliatating and stopping you from continuing with your chosen exercise.  You don't have to put up with this pain, it can be helped and Podiatrists are experts in this area. 

What is it?

There are many reasons for heel pain.  The usual suspect which Dr Google will come up will be plantar fasciitis.  However it is important to get a correct diagnosis.  Other causes include severs disease, tarsal tunnel syndrome,  heel bursitis, or a  calcaneal fracture.

Podiatrists will run through a thorough medical and history of symptoms to establish the diagnosis.  Then a treatment plan can be established and get you back up and running (or walking). 

Treatment will depend upon the outcome of your assessment.  On some occassions simple taping has been shown to be very effective.  An exercise programme and orthotics/insoles too are often utilised. 

Please take a moment to read our blogs which can be found in the link below.  They offer various self help techniques and words of advice to prevent or help you on the road back to pain free feet. 

How to book an assessment

All new patients are requested to book an initial assessment.  During this appointment your podiatrist will run through all necessary medical history and the development of your current pain.  

During this time they will take time to look at how your standing and moving.  If a biomechanical assessment is advised this will be carried out in a seperate appointment.  

In many instances you will be offered an exercise programme, stretching exercises, taping and a return apointment to access your progress. 

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