Funky Shoes for Bunion Sufferers

A pair of feet with bunions

If you suffer with bunions you will know that finding shoes can be very tricky.

Medically bunions are called Hallux Abducto Valgus or HAV.

Painless or painful either way you want to have footwear to accommodate these changes.

An x ray of a pair of feet with bunions

As the X ray shows this condition involves structural/boney changes. Soft tissues will also alter but because it is structural then there is not much availability for changing the situation you present with (unless surgery is an option). So we have to accommodate them to keep ourselves comfortable.

Footwear traditionally was a bit frumpy and perhaps seen as old fashioned. There are more choices today and I have listed some which I advise patients to try.

Calla Shoes Founded by a young bunion sufferer herself. She works in conjunction with a team of experienced shoe designers and foot experts to create a range of the most comfortable shoes you'll ever wear.

Vionic Shoes Founded by a renowned Podiatrist Philip Vasyli a pioneer and innovator in the field of lower-limb biomechanics. Utilising supportive arch technology to relieve aching feet and pain from plantar fasciitis or heel pain. Made with high quality and breathable materials such as durable leather and soft suede, so that your feet can be comfortable no matter where you are going.

New Balance trainers "Some of our shoes will feature a deeper toe box or a wider forefoot, while others might offer a narrower heel. We make a variety of lasts and offer extensive width sizing to allow for the best overall fit in the shoe industry". For example these all come in extra wide fit and they look great too.

Sketchers ,, Featuring an arch fill which will aid your foot mechanics and wider fit in many fashionable styles. If your happy wo wear a trainer these can look funky with most outfits without looking like a running shoe.

Happy shopping

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