Diabetic Foot Assessment

Why do I need my feet checked?

Diabetics are advised to have their feet checked at least annually.  High blood sugar levels can cause damage to the blood vessels and nerves that supply your feet.  When nerves are damaged your appreciation of sensation may be altered.  Ultimately not feeling eg vibration or light touch but you may still feel pain.  When blood vessels become damaged your healing rate is slower or very poor.  Therefore having these areas checked regularly can allow you to be aware of changes and act quickly to avoid complications. 

What does the assessment involve?

The two areas which are affected by high sugar levels, blood supply (circulation) and nerves (feelings/sensations) will be checked.

Using a hand held Doppler your pulses are monitored for presence and clarity.  Also, using a pressure cuff the Podiatrist will calculate your ABPI.  This is painless 

Nerve/sensation is assessed using a simple calibrated device for light touch and sharp/blunt appreciation.  Again all painless.

Additionally we use the foot scan to highlight areas of increased pressure which may be a potential 'risk' site.   

All the results are presented clearly on a form which we will compare to at each visit.  Both yourself and your GP will be given a copy of the results. 

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