FIT FEET PODIATRY UPDATE COVID-19  (Last updated 20th May 2020)

Our priority is always the health and well-being of our team and patients and we are doing everything we can to provide the right service to the people who are in need. 

We are OPEN for appointments however we need to triage (fitler system) therefore we must speak to you on the phone first.  Therefore no online bookings at this time. 

Our governing bodies still have some restrictions to our service hence the need to triage over the phone. Please do call if your in pain as we can help.  Other conditions /circumstances for appointments:

1. Diabetics

2. Keyworkers - unable to perform or contiue with their daily activities

3. Infections - signs of local swelling, redness, heat and or discharge, for example ingrowing toe nails

4. Treatment of painful feet, that may be restricting your mobility.

5. Painful corns or callus

6. Patients with circulatory or neurological disorders

7. Patients with acute foot or ankle pain eg. ankle sprain/arch pain/toe joint pain/achilles pain which may be progressive in its nature




We have introduced some key safety measures.

  • Appointments to be made with a 30 minute gap between patients to create social distancing

  • The waiting room is no longer in use

  • Strict appointment times with no online bookings taken at this time

  • Pre-payment / online payment of appointment where possible or two 'contactless' card payments.

  • Use the supplied alcohol gel on arrive and exit of our premises.

  • DO attend alone where possible

  • DO NOT attend if you have experienced any Covid-19 symptoms; sore throat, temperature, cough, or been in contact with anyone who has been diagnosed with Covid-19.

  • Patients to be explicitly advised of their risk before attending.

  • Patients are asked to wait outside the clinic on arrival and call their podiatrist to let them know they have arrived.  Your podiatrist will come out to you and invite you inside.  All belongings will be placed into a supplied box and we ask you to keep these belongings to a minimum where possible. 

  • Your podiatrist will be wearing PPE which will include a face mask, visor, apron and gloves. 

  • We respectively ask you to wear a mask.  We do have supplies at a cost if you wish to purchase in clinic. 

THANK YOU for your understanding through this difficult time and please do give us a call if you feel your in pain and would warrant Podiatry treatment.  If we can offer advice over the phone or online we will provide this service as required.  Video consultations are available to book online 

Please keep yourselves safe and we look forward to seeing you back in clinic when it is safe fo you. 

Head to Toe Health

34 Avebury Avenue



07549 559056

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