Bunions – How to help yourself

Bunions, not a great name but many of us have various stages of their development.  Many people believe these occur when we wear inappropriate footwear or are hereditary. Both these opinions are correct, to a certain degree but not always the sole cause. Feet can become weak when we wear shoes all day and if…

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Buying Running Shoes – Tips

A pink and blue running shoe on grass

First and foremost, if you’re buying running shoes for the first time, attend a professional running specialist shop. Locally we have two very good shops that can advise you with up to date knowledge. They will assess your running style in store and check the fit of the trainer (you may try many, many pairs) before…

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Funky Shoes for Bunion Sufferers

A pair of feet with bunions

If you suffer with bunions you will know that finding shoes can be very tricky. Medically bunions are called Hallux Abducto Valgus or HAV. Painless or painful either way you want to have footwear to accommodate these changes. As the X ray shows this condition involves structural/boney changes. Soft tissues will also alter but because…

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Strong Foundations – 3 Strengthening Exercises

A foot with a rubber band for strengthening exercises

Feet are our foundation and they need to be strong. Generally our feet are weak due to wearing shoes and forgetting we even have feet. Walking barefoot and exercising without shoes are a good starting point (if you dont have any injuries or pains). During running you create 3-4 times your body weight in force…

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Plantar Fasciitis – a secret tip to relieve your symptoms

Plantar fasciitis strapping technique step 2

Do your heels hurt first thing in the morning, or after resting? Does the pain ease off after you get moving? Is the pain stopping you from exercising? If you answered yes to any of the above questions then you may be suffering with plantar fasciitis, or as it is rightly now referred to as…

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Top 5 Tips to aid Heel Pain

A woman performing foot stretches

A self care guide to address your current heel pain symptoms For many of us right now, walking and running are our only way to get out of the house and mentally feel better for some exercise and fresh air. This sudden increase in activity for some can lead to new heel pain. There are…

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What is the difference between a Podiatrist and a Chiropodist?

The words 'same same but different' in neon lights

In short, there is no difference, they are both medical professionals who specialise in lower limb treatments. Always ensure that your podiatrist is HCPC registered at http://www.hpc-uk.org/check-the-register, a requisite for all UK podiatrists. The difference between the professions is geographical and historical. While chiropodist depicts foot specialists in the UK and Ireland, podiatrist is more…

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4 Steps to a Perfect Walking Technique

Infographic on walking

Walk locally as much as possible and remember to maintain your social distancing even when in the countryside. Protect our vulnerable and our healthcare system and staff. A great walking technique will give you better comfort, power, and speed. Whether you are a beginner or you want to improve your technique, these four steps will…

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