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Is it fungal?

A foot with a discoloured toenail

Do you think you may have a fungal nail infection? Are your nails thickened or discoloured or are you embarrassed about their appearance? We may be able to help clear up a few misconceptions and give some tips on trying to help. One thing to remember is not all nails…

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Running Blisters – To pop or not to pop?

Large popped blister on the sole of a runner's foot

Runners are prone to blisters and they can range from a small water filled bubble to a large red tomato looking like you have grown a sixth toe! Below I have outlined what to do if you already have a blister. LET IT HEAL Blisters are commonly caused by excessive…

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Tips for Plantar Fasciitis (Heel Pain)

Bare feet with heel pain due to plantar fasciitis

Plantar (sole/bottom) Fasciitis (it is = inflammation) is a real pain – literally! Worth noting before we start that not all heel pain is because of your plantar fascia so it is worth seeing a Podiatrist for a diagnosis first. So what the heck is it? Your plantar fascia is…

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Flip Flop Facts

Pairs of flip flops in a row

Summer is well and truly here and out come the ever faithful quick and easy flip flops. But are they any good for our feet? Here are a few facts and tips that may keep your feet more comfortable this summer. Interesting Stats The NHS spends almost £40million a year…

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Winter Feet Guide

A cartoon of a pair of feet in a block of ice

Well it is well and truly winter now and we have had some really cold spells which I know I have struggled with, especially my poor feet. Below I have outlined a few areas which may help you avoid chilblains and cold related foot conditions. Did you know that more…

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