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Bunions – How to help yourself

Bunions, not a great name but many of us have various stages of their development.  Many people believe these occur when we wear inappropriate footwear or are hereditary. Both these opinions are correct, to a certain degree but not always the sole cause. Feet can become weak when we wear…

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Rocker Shoes – Painful Stiff toes or Arthritic Feet

    If you have painful toes/feet related to arthritic changes then you will know how hard it is to find shoes that are comfortable and even aid your walking.  We are not necessarily talking about orthopaedic shoes, we are able to offer you some information on trendy trainer style…

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Tibialis Posterior Tendinopathy – Pain around inside ankle bone

Diagram of the posterior tibial tendon

Many of us have started a new exercise schedule which may include walking or running more, as this is a good way to exercise in lockdown. However with this increase may come a new injury or a new tenderness. This blog is going to look at a more common ankle…

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Buying Running Shoes – Tips

A pink and blue running shoe on grass

First and foremost, if you’re buying running shoes for the first time, attend a professional running specialist shop. Locally we have two very good shops that can advise you with up to date knowledge. They will assess your running style in store and check the fit of the trainer (you may…

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Funky Shoes for Bunion Sufferers

A pair of feet with bunions

If you suffer with bunions you will know that finding shoes can be very tricky. Medically bunions are called Hallux Abducto Valgus or HAV. Painless or painful either way you want to have footwear to accommodate these changes. As the X ray shows this condition involves structural/boney changes. Soft tissues…

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