Is it fungal?

Do you think you may have a fungal nail infection? Are your nails thickened or discoloured or are you embarrassed about their appearance? We may be able to help clear up a few misconceptions and give some tips on trying to help. One thing to remember is not all nails that present thick and or discoloured are fungal. WHAT ELSE COULD IT BE Thickened nails can be a result of injury. This may be a direct injury like stubbing your toe, or dropping a heavy object onto the nail. Or it could be related to many months/years of micro trauma like footwear touching the nail, running related nail stress or because your toe is actually turning under and your walking on the nail. All will cause natura

Running Blisters - To pop or not to pop?

Runners are prone to blisters and they can range from a small water filled bubble to a large red tomato looking like you have grown a sixth toe! Below I have outlined what to do if you already have a blister. LET IT HEAL Blisters are commonly caused by excessive friction so a few days off running and resting would be of great value to the healing process. If your on your feet during the day then cover the blistered area with a dry non adherent dressing. When resting put your feet up and allow the area to air. Keep your feet clean and dry thoroughly after showering/bathing. Wear clean socks each day and monitor the blister for any redness or discharge. If it does pop then keep the area co

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