What is a Biomechanical  Assessment?

Biomechanics is the nature to which we move mechanically - how you move and the loads of force which occur through all areas of your foot and lower limb.

The podiatrist will assess this by measuring angles when your not weight-bearing, weight-bearing and during your natural gait (walking). 

In addition at Fit Feet Podiatry we utilise a foot scan which will show you the forces acting within the foot.  A great tool to visually see which areas are more stressed.  

What conditions can this assessment help?

Many foot or lower limb pains can be attributed to poor body mechanics.  

For example bunions are usually thought to be a result of poor footwear choice, however the underlying cause is actually related to foot mechanics. This can be addressed and prevent further deterioration of this joint condition. 

Below is a list of the more common conditions. 

Heel pain

Plantar Fasciitis/Heel spur


Hammer Toes


Forefoot pain

Mid foot pain


Shin Splints

Knee Pain

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