COVID 19 – UPDATE (Currently remaining open)

Statue wearing a face mask

Dear Patients, The health and safety of our patients and our colleagues is of the utmost importance here at Fit Feet Podiatry. Like many businesses in the UK, we are closely monitoring the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak and following the advice provided by the UK’s health authorities. In addition, we are following the guidelines of the…

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Ingrown Toe Nail – Don’t put up with pain, we can help

An infected ingrown toenail

Ingrowing toe nails can be very painful but you do not need to suffer  Many people will self care as they are sure they can remove a small bit of nail and move on. However on many occasions this is not possible, but we all want a quick solution. Well we have the answer and…

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Hard Skin – Remove the cause not just the symptoms

Hard skin or callus on a foot

Why does callus form? Callus develops when skin is exposed to excessive pressure or friction. The body wants to protect itself and therefore builds up a protective layer.  Whilst sometimes this is related to footwear rubbing over bony prominences or deformities,  it can also indicate an underlying complication with your foot mechanics (movement). What could…

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Diabetic Foot Health: Prevention is peace of mind

Taking a pulse on someone's foot

#fitfeetpodiatry #tonbridgepodiatrist #diabeticfootcare #preventfootproblems Diabetics can be prone to foot complications however they are all preventable. How, well you need to follow some simple advice and get to know your feet. Many diabetic patients of mine are perhaps unaware that it is not just type I diabetics that may develop complications. All diabetics whether your…

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An Effective Fungal Nail Treatment

A toe undergoing treatment for fungal nail

Following on from last months blog on “Is It Fungal”, we now cover a new treatment option for those that have had a positive test result for fungal infection. Please do pop over to this blog before reading on if you’ve not had a chance to read this initial post. Worth your time to do…

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Is it fungal?

A foot with a discoloured toenail

Do you think you may have a fungal nail infection? Are your nails thickened or discoloured or are you embarrassed about their appearance? We may be able to help clear up a few misconceptions and give some tips on trying to help. One thing to remember is not all nails that present thick and or…

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Running Blisters – To pop or not to pop?

Large popped blister on the sole of a runner's foot

Runners are prone to blisters and they can range from a small water filled bubble to a large red tomato looking like you have grown a sixth toe! Below I have outlined what to do if you already have a blister. LET IT HEAL Blisters are commonly caused by excessive friction so a few days…

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Tips for Plantar Fasciitis (Heel Pain)

Bare feet with heel pain due to plantar fasciitis

Plantar (sole/bottom) Fasciitis (it is = inflammation) is a real pain – literally! Worth noting before we start that not all heel pain is because of your plantar fascia so it is worth seeing a Podiatrist for a diagnosis first. So what the heck is it? Your plantar fascia is a tough fibrous band that…

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Flip Flop Facts

Pairs of flip flops in a row

Summer is well and truly here and out come the ever faithful quick and easy flip flops. But are they any good for our feet? Here are a few facts and tips that may keep your feet more comfortable this summer. Interesting Stats The NHS spends almost £40million a year treating injuries caused by the…

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Winter Feet Guide

A cartoon of a pair of feet in a block of ice

Well it is well and truly winter now and we have had some really cold spells which I know I have struggled with, especially my poor feet. Below I have outlined a few areas which may help you avoid chilblains and cold related foot conditions. Did you know that more women than men have circulatory…

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