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Alison Pettican

Helping you to keep moving, stay active and healthy

Keeping healthy and active is essential to us all and being able to do this in comfort is paramount.  Pain or discomfort can be hindering and this quickly turns into frustration.

Perhaps your pain or ache is stopping you from walking your beloved dog, running or walking a certain distance or getting out to the local shops to meet friends for coffee and homemade cake.  As a dog walker myself I understand how exasperating pain can be if it stops you exercising, both physically and mentally.  Stop being stumped by this vicious cycle.  I am here to help get you back on your feet and moving towards your goals.

Alison Pettican talking to a patient at Fit Feet Podiatry, Tonbridge, Kent
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Through a thorough initial assessment I will listen and acknowledge your presenting problem.  I'll establish a treatment plan and explain avenues of care before we gain your approval of the chosen treatment choices.

Treatment will be commenced at initial appointments to ease your pain.  I am resolute to resolve your presenting issue and achieve relief quickly so you can get back to your chosen quality of life.

Alison Pettican - Lead Podiatrist

I'm a keen walker, out early every morning rain or shine walking my spaniel, Walter.  Daily walks and dancing keep me active and fit alongside family life with two busy teenage children.

Always on the go I'm aware of demands that family life can present to us all.  I've been a podiatrist for over 25 years and much of my work has been within the NHS sector and time spent overseas working in private and government centres.  My work has covered many aspects of foot health over these years, in particular Diabetes.

Whilst living overseas I developed a passion for exercise and this has now become the focus for my work and personal life. I receive referrals from Orthopaedic surgeons in Kent and I'm seen as an experienced MSK Podiatrist.

I continue to study and I'm proud to hold certificates as a Corrective Exercise Specialist, a Running Technique Coach and also training to become a Pilates Instructor.

I am passionate about every person being able to keep active, fit and ultimately healthy.

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What People are Saying
about fit feet podiatry

"Very highly recommended. Alison is an excellent clinician and I am so glad to have found her. The clinic is accessible and since my appointment my foot is pain free. I will definitely be visiting again."

Catherine Gillespie

"Alison has completely changed how I run which no one else has been able to do in 12 years! I made an emergency appointment and first of all Alison was extremely professional and in the current Covid climate, she was very diligent and safety conscious. After briefly discussing my general issues with my feet as well as my knee and hip pain when I run, Alison was able to explain to me why this happens and how to correct it. Over the years I have seen doctors, physios and had expensive orthotics fitted. But Alison was able to make a huge difference to me with some simple exercises. I now run with no pain which is nothing short of a small miracle for me. I am committed to going back to Alison with any podiatry issues I have in the future."

Zoe Duerden

Alison Pettican of Fit Feet Podiatry running a half marathon

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