Embarrassing toenails?

Thickened or discoloured nails 

Fungal nails

Can't self care anymore

Corns or Callus?  Hard skin and corns can be painful. Don't put up with something than can easily be treated


Diabetic foot assessments Avoid Diabetic foot complications

Heel pain?

Heel pain on rising

Perhaps Plantar Fasciitis but let us diagnose this fully 

at fit feet podiatry


Stubborn verrucae. 

Verrucae  are a virus and may need some professional treatment to rid you of their appearance


Sports Injuries?

Shin Splints, knee pain, forefoot pain to name a few may benefit from a gait analysis. Loading through the foot using rehabilitation and /or orthotics may help you on your way back to your sport

Ingrown Toenails?

 Ingrowing toenails are painful.

Stop self treating and let us sort this so you can get back to painless feet

Foot Pain?
Foot pain, heel pain or leg pain.  Stopping you from enjoying your favourite sport or limiting your walking? Book an appointment for gait analysis

What do our patients say?

After an initial consultation with Alison at Fit Feet Podiatry, the date was set to have my painful ingrown nails removed permanently. The surgery is in a very pleasant clinical environment and I felt completely at ease because the procedure and after care had been carefully explained to me.

The removal of both big toe nails was done under local anaesthetic and, despite my worst fears, I did not feel a thing! 

I am so pleased this operation has been done at last and I now have painfree feet. I would have no hesitation in recommending Fit Feet to anyone who needed toe surgery or just regular podiatry treatment.”

Mrs M, Tonbridge, Kent.

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